pet Boarding & Doggy day care


Our pet boarding and doggy day care facility is a home away from home for your special family member. We offer boarding for all types of pets with all types of medical conditions such as diabetic care. Our daycare facility offers separate rooms for small dogs and large dogs so they are able to feel comfortable playing with other canines their size. 

We look after dogs, cats, all small animals, birds and even reptiles!

Our facility has many different forms of boarding. We offer regular walks, extended walks around the park and boarding with daycare during the day. We have a variety of different sized rooms available ranging from dog runs up to the big daycare room available for overnight guests. Which room they receive depends on availability, comfort level and size of your pet.

Our feline boarding has two, 3 floor condo's which can be converted into 6 rooms in total if needed. Each feline who is with us gets time to play outside of their room where we have toys, cat trees as well as cuddle sessions with our staff. We are also currently in the midst of creating a complete sun room experience, involving big beautiful windows to look out and a cat tree to climb, sit upon and sleep in all while basking in the sun light.

The boarding facility is open from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM* with tours given daily!

All vaccines must be up to date. 

*Special pickup and drop off times available- call to discuss. 


Prices(not including tax):


Hourly: $7  (up to 4 hours) 

*Per Day: $35

*Come for 10 days of daycare and the 11th is FREE!! 


Canine Boarding:

Regular Boarding: $40/night

With Daycare: $45/night

-not offered on weekends

Extended Walks: $50/night

- this option includes daycare if owners wish.


Feline Boarding:

Regular Boarding: $30/night

*Feline Daycare: $15

*strictly somewhere for them to relax and play while they are unable to be at home (not with other cats)


Diabetic Boarding:

Diabetic Feline Boarding: $40/night

Diabetic Canine Regular Walks: $50/night

Diabetic Canine Extended: $60/night


Exotic Boarding:

Small Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Ferrets ~ Please call for pricing


Additional Charges(if applicable):

Feline Daily Medication: $5-8/day

Canine Daily Medication (oral/topical): $5-8/day

In-Hospital Food Charge(if own food was not brought): $5/day

Additional Canine Walks: $8/added walk