As a hospital we have found that many cats suffer from matting no matter how hard owners try to keep their feline friends clean and brushed. Once they are clipped and cleaned their quality of life becomes much improved as well as their overall skin care.  

Many people are not aware of the discomfort that matting can cause our feline family but unfortunately if not managed it can become a large concern. 

One of the benefits of having the grooming done at Spencer Creek is that we offer sedation (if needed) for our felines that are either too aggressive or just too stressed when it comes to grooming. With the sedation that we use, it comes with a reversal agent. This means as soon as we are finished the grooming we can wake them back up right away. They would also be under constant monitoring if they undergo sedation. 

Amanda and Cheryl have been grooming the felines that come here for a long time and they are very confident in their abilities. Amanda and Cheryl are great advocates for your feline friends and will make sure they get the best care and grooming while here.  

The different grooming options that we have include; Brush-Outs which includes a good brushing and dry bath, De-matting which involves brushing or shaving out matts but not wanting a full lion cut, a sanitation cleaning which involves cleaning up only their hind end and lastly a lion cut which is a shave down leaving their head, feet and tail fluffy (this also includes a dry bath.)

Prices (without tax):

*all procedures listed include nail trim.

  • Brush-out: $40


  • De-matting per 1/2hr- $20


  • Sanitation cleaning: $25


  • Lion cuts range from: $75-$85


  • Add on - sedation: $75