Lindsay Tell

Lindsay works on our boarding and daycare side making sure all the animals are looked after and that every thing runs smoothly.  Lindsay's caring attitude makes all the animals feel more at home while they are away from their owners.

Lindsay has many beloved pets including her 3 dogs; a  princess Chihuahua named Isabella, a goofy handsome American bulldog named Kush and a beautiful Bandogge Mastiff named Rhema. Who is also completely deaf as her ear drums never formed. She also has a long haired tiger named 'Bean' and a python named 'Phineas.'

Not only does Lindsay have this amazing furry family but she also has 11 tarantulas! Their names are;  Tippy, Asparagus, Pepper, Blueberry, Gingey, Carrot, Fish, Cheese, Pear, Yogurt and Beauty.