Smokey (2004-2016)

Smokey was one of the most unique felines we have ever known. 

If you had been lucky enough to have met our feline friend, you would know he rarely acknowledges anyone but loved to playfully bop curious dogs on the nose.  He also loved to visit other felines that came into our clinic just to say hi. Smokey had also be found many times with his head in the open treat jars!

Our handsome boy had been with us for many many years and unfortunately in December of 2016 he passed away but not before living out his retirement with our staff member, Lauren. They had always had a special bond so there was no doubt when he went home with her that there would be no place better.  Lauren loved and cared for him until his last day with us. Smokey will forever be missed and remembered/loved in our hearts.

Rest in peace Smokey, we love you.